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Analysis: Third-quarter Austin home values grew fastest in U.S.

Nearly a decade after the Great Recession, home values remain unstable across the nation, with much of the South, parts of the West and industrial sections of the Northeast showing strong gains. The areas hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis -- parts of California, Nevada and Florida -- are still struggling to build value.

Beware: These bankruptcy myths could keep you from getting relief

Almost any bankruptcy lawyer will tell you that most people won't even come in for a consultation until they have tried everything else they can think of to pay off their debts. Even though qualified retirement savings are exempt from bankruptcy, for example, many people will use their retirement nest egg to pay down their unmanageable medical or credit card bills.

What to do when a debt collector calls

Do you feel like you are drowning in debt? You are in good company. A recent report showed that about 77 million people across the country have a debt in collections. While that statistic is interesting, it may not bring comfort when the phone rings.