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Do contracts for deed stop foreclosure or delay the inevitable?

The signs are everywhere. Constant pop-up ads interrupt web searches and surfing. The promotions trumpet an alternative to foreclosure. Homeowners can start over and stay in the home they once feared losing. Easy financing is available.

What prospective real estate buyers should know about property deeds

When a prospective buyer of residential or commercial real estate locates what could prove to be the perfect property, the real work begins. Indeed, inspections must be made, negotiations undertaken, title work performed and financing arranged.

Repossession of your car could represent a new beginning

Repossession of a car is unsettling. As the shock of an empty parking space wears off, you reflect on what led up to this traumatic and embarrassing moment. Banks and repossession companies for a variety of reasons take motor vehicles. Falling behind on payments is the most common cause.

How do I protect myself against real estate title issues?

The process of buying commercial real estate can be both exciting and overwhelming because of the many steps involved. One of the biggest concerns that purchasers of real estate in Texas have is whether there are any title issues associated with the properties they wish to buy. Overlooked real estate title issues can have long-term negative impacts for the buyer.