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Do I really need a lawyer to buy this house?

All the advice columns warned you not to fall in love with a house, but to remember you are making a business deal and to think logically. However, when you saw it, you fell in love and knew you had to have it. Now that you have found the house of your dreams, the last thing you want is a delay in your settlement.

Home sweet rental: Your rights as a tenant

In most states, laws carefully regulate landlords. Rental properties undergo inspections for code violations, and courts often give tenants the benefit of the doubt in a dispute. Nevertheless, unscrupulous landlords will always exist, and they are looking for people who are ignorant of the laws that govern rental properties.

What prospective real estate buyers should know about property deeds

When a prospective buyer of residential or commercial real estate locates what could prove to be the perfect property, the real work begins. Indeed, inspections must be made, negotiations undertaken, title work performed and financing arranged.

How do I protect myself against real estate title issues?

The process of buying commercial real estate can be both exciting and overwhelming because of the many steps involved. One of the biggest concerns that purchasers of real estate in Texas have is whether there are any title issues associated with the properties they wish to buy. Overlooked real estate title issues can have long-term negative impacts for the buyer.

Analysis: Third-quarter Austin home values grew fastest in U.S.

Nearly a decade after the Great Recession, home values remain unstable across the nation, with much of the South, parts of the West and industrial sections of the Northeast showing strong gains. The areas hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis -- parts of California, Nevada and Florida -- are still struggling to build value.