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October 2017 Archives

How debt discharge and reaffirmation agreements work

The bankruptcy process is good for many things, but one of the most important aspects of this legal step is the discharge process. This is where your unsecured debts will be eliminated through the bankruptcy. You may think that when these debts are secured that there are no strings attached. However, you need to be aware that critical pieces of property that have debt could be taken back by the lien holder after the debt is discharged.

7 clues that a foreclosure may be coming

Despite the best-laid plans and dreams for the future, losing a home to foreclosure is a reality that many will face. In fact, 10,305,607 total housing units were foreclosed on in Texas just during August. What’s worse is that it’s possible that your partner or landlord could be facing foreclosure but is choosing to hide it for monetary, personal or legal reasons.

Is an easement taking away the ease of enjoying your property?

If you purchased a home or property in Texas, it may surprise you to learn that there is an easement on your property. This issue could impact your ability to enjoy your property and use it as you wish, and fully understanding how an easement works could be beneficial. 

More than a quarter in US don't pay taxes on their side hustle

A recent survey found that about 69.8 million Americans are working a side hustle for cash under the table with taxes left unpaid. That's more than a quarter of the adult U.S. population doing things like driving for a ride-sharing company, selling art online, or working another job on top of -- or outside of -- traditional employment. The amount in earnings left undeclared to the IRS each year? About $214.6 billion.

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