Texas has lowest percentage of residents leaving the state

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Real Estate

A study from Lending Tree, the North Carolina-based lending exchange, shows that the state of Texas has the smallest percentage of residents looking to move out of state.

Lending Tree examined records of home purchases and loans from all 50 states made in the year 2016. Per their findings, a mere 7.46 percent of Texas residents who applied for a home loan were planning to leave Texas for a different state. Nationwide, Texas had the smallest percentage of residents attempting to buy a house in a different state. Texas also had the highest number of applicants seeking to move within the state compared to out of the state.

In comparison, Vermont had the largest percentage of residents seeking to leave the state, with a whopping 24 percent of borrowers applying for out-of-state home loans. It also had the lowest percentage of residents looking to move in-state.

The states with the most residents leaving include:

  1. Vermont, 24.1 %
  2. Hawaii, 23.1%
  3. Alaska, 22.5%
  4. North Dakota, 21.5%
  5. Wyoming, 21.1%

The states with the most residents staying include:

  1. Texas, 7.5%
  2. Michigan, 9.2%
  3. Florida, 9.5%
  4. Ohio, 9.7%
  5. Oklahoma, 9.4%

One major reason for the influx of new residents and the retention rate of current residents could be the attraction of Texas’s cities for job-seekers. Another is the enduring pride and loyalty that Texans feel for the Lone Star State. Either way, if you are a Texan in the process of buying or selling real estate, you can contact the attorneys at The Law Offices of William T. Peckham to represent you in your real estate dealings.