How bankruptcy can help you put an end to creditor harassment?

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Bankruptcy

Texas readers know that one of the most unfortunate effects of dealing with overwhelming debt is the constant phone calls and letters from debt collectors. While normal attempts at collecting debt are legal and acceptable, there are times these efforts go over the line, ultimately resulting in creditor harassment. No matter how much you owe, you should never have to face or put up with any type of creditor harassment.

You may not realize that what you are experiencing actually qualifies as creditor harassment. You may think that you are dealing with the normal effects of having a lot of debt, but that may not be the case. However, there is one way to make all forms of creditor harassment and contact stop once and for all, and that is filing for consumer bankruptcy.

What behaviors fall into the category of harassment? 

Regardless of the details of your individual financial situation, there are certain things you should not have to face. Some of the most commonly employed types of harassment from creditors include the following:

  • Phone calls at inappropriate times of day or night
  • Contact and continued efforts to collect debts after you secured the representation of an attorney
  • Continued calls at your place of work, even after you requested that it stop
  • Using abusive language, threats of physical harm or inappropriate language while talking to you
  • Lying to you or failing to identify themselves as debt collection agents or creditors
  • Making phone calls solely intended to intimidate or frustrate you and your family
  • Making threats to release private information about you or credit information that is false
  • Implying that he or she is an attorney or government official

These are just some of the ways that debt collectors may attempt to deceive, harass and intimidate you. If you believe that what you are experiencing goes over the line or you simply want to make all contact from debt collectors stop, you have no time to lose in learning more about your legal options.

When is bankruptcy the best choice? 

Bankruptcy is not the most appropriate option for everyone, but it could be the right choice for you. You can put a stop to all types of contact from debt collectors by filing for bankruptcy. This step will enact the automatic stay, which should halt all contact immediately.

You may find it beneficial to reach out for help to learn if this is the right choice for you. Consulting with an attorney can help you understand your options, and he or she can provide support when you experience continued harassment from creditors.