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February 2018 Archives

How do tax liens affect your credit?

If a taxpayer consistently fails to pay their taxes in full, the federal government may choose to file a tax lien. Tax liens can have serious ramifications for your credit report that can last several years. It is important for taxpayers to understand the implications of federal tax liens on their credit so that they can take measures to prevent, address and remove them.

The IRS clarifies its top tax filing myths

Americans have started filing their income taxes in preparation for the upcoming April deadline. When millions of people are handling a complicated issue like taxes, there are bound to be a few misunderstandings that pop up. Some of these misunderstandings are so commonplace that they have become widely accepted by a large portion of taxpayers.

Understanding the three basic stages of foreclosure

Foreclosure is never an easy process for a homeowner. Few people know what to expect during the process: After all, no one expects that their dream of home ownership will end in foreclosure. Most people hope that they will live in their home for many years, if not the rest of their lives.

Could adverse possession help you obtain property?

When dealing with land and real estate, complications can easily show themselves. You may not have had the ability to purchase property on your own, and you may have been struggling to find a place to live. However, when you came across a seemingly unused piece of land, you may have felt that it would cause no harm to use the land yourself, as long as you did not create any issues.

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