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June 2018 Archives

What to do if you get a letter from the IRS

There are few pieces of mail that are more likely cause your heart to skip a beat than an envelope from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS mails millions of letters for a variety of reasons. Likely the happiest reason is a refund check, the most difficult will be an audit. The organization understands that some have a hard time dealing with all the paperwork and may not even be comfortable interacting with a large government organization. They have now issued a list of do’s and don’ts if you receive correspondence from the taxman. These include:

Why it’s a good idea to have your property surveyed

Using a professional surveyor can help resolve a wide variety of property issues before they become major headaches. From establishing where the true boundary line is located to figuring out if there is an old cemetery on your property, a survey can provide a wide range of eful information. This can be particularly useful if you are planning on buying or selling a property or even want to understand your obligations as the landowner.

What recovery from bankruptcy can look like

There is a definite stigma to filing bankruptcy that causes many to avoid it, even when it is their best option. This legal debt relief tool provides a lifeline for those drowning in credit card debt, unexpected medical bills or unfortunate professional choices. While it does affect your credit rating in the short term, bankruptcy does not follow those who file for the rest of their lives.

Hurricane season leads to foreclosure season

Now that this year's hurricane season has begun, U.S. residents may be remembering the disasters left by Harvey, Maria and Irma, the three major hurricanes of 2017. Those in Texas were especially hard hit by the deadly Harvey, which left lives and homes in devastation.

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