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August 2018 Archives

Buying a car? Do not let the dealer scam you.

Buying a car is likely to be one of your biggest loans, perhaps second in size to a mortgage. Those who are financially savvy will often come into a dealership with cash or a prearranged loan. While they are in business to sell cars, financial experts say that unscrupulous dealerships often come up with other ways to make additional money off customers.

Bankruptcy filer fights back against student loans

The Federal Reserve estimates that Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loans. This crippling debt is forcing many working folks to file bankruptcy. One reason may be because those with federal loans (such as those through Sally Mae) get offers for additional loans that can help pay for living expenses while in school. 

Lake residents sue DNR

White Bear Lake sits on the eastern side of the Twin Cities, which is the largest metro area in Minnesota. The lake has been a destination for boating, fishing, swimming and other water sports as well as providing a view for many lakeside homes and restaurants. However, water levels of the 2,400 acre, 80-foot-deep lake reduced over time to low point in 2013, at which time it surpassed the Dust Bowl drought levels. This was despite average or above average rainfall during the nine-year period from 2007 to 2016.

Your lender doesn't want your home but may try to take it anyway

Once your financial situation began to go downhill, you may have felt powerless to stop the downward spiral that led to trouble making your mortgage loan payments. Whether you have been unable to make full payments or to make any payments at all, your lender may be knocking at your door for its money.

Your personal debt can pass to spouse when you die

The loss of a spouse often leads to a time of great difficulty. This challenge is greatly increased if your spouse had an accrued a large amount of debt. In community property states like Texas, this means there is a distinct possibility that you will assume that debt, or that your property will be vulnerable to his or her creditors. Typically speaking, the couple assumes the debt if they are married regardless of name on the account. 

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