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October 2018 Archives

Changes to the tax law affect businesses and the self-employed

The last quarter of the year is upon us. This makes it the perfect time to discuss changes to tax obligations under the Tax Cut and Jobs Creation Act signed at the end of 2017. There are changes that directly address business owners and freelancers.

Common questions asked by residential tenants

It is a fact that landlords are emboldened to raise the rent in tight markets, so tenants may feel like they are getting pushed out the door of their home. Some landlords may also eschew general maintenance to help the process. However, tenants do have rights here in Texas. If a landlord is breaking the law or not honoring the rental agreement, it is advisable to speak with a real estate law attorney. They can help protect the rights of renters.

Victims of creditor harassment can fight back

One of the most unpleasant effects of owning a significant amount of debt is the fact that debt collectors and creditors will contact you to attempt to collect on what you owe. This is a standard practice, but there are times when creditors may step over the line and actually infringe on your rights. If you are a victim of creditor harassment, you have the right to fight back.

Common tax frauds surrounding Oct. 15 filing

The scammers come out around tax time. For many tax-paying Americans that means April 15, but those who filed an extension must pay by October 15. According to the Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers need to be on the lookout for scammers who use this date as an excuse to try and steal money or personal information from unsuspecting victims. 

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