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November 2018 Archives

6 Year-end tax tips to help small business owners

The end of the year tends to be a flurry of closing out the books, managing holiday staffing and panicking about the New Year. Most businesses have already dealt changes in the new tax plan, but there are several useful tips from financial experts that can enable owners to enter the new year with a running start.

FTC halts massive real estate scam

Real estate investments or vacation properties hold a certain appeal. Some investors like the fact that they actually own something tangible as opposed to playing the stock market. Others hear stories of major paydays for those who bought early and then cashed out.

IRS modernizes its investigative approach

The Internal Revenue Service recently released its annual report on criminal enforcement in fiscal 2018, which ended September 30. The announcement touted that the Criminal Investigation team is using “cutting-edge technology combined with sophisticated investigative work.”

Factors that prolong probate

After a loved one dies, you have many important matters to resolve. These may be welcome distractions, but after a while, you may simply want to step away from your time of grief and move forward with your life. However, you are not entirely free to do this until probate is over.

Gibson Guitars is back from bankruptcy

People and businesses who file for bankruptcy go through some of the most difficult times in their lives. We work with them so that they can see that there is a light at the end of tunnel. With this in mind, nearly all of us here in the “Live Music Capitol of the World” will be happy to hear that Gibson Guitars is coming back from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Many of us have enjoyed playing their products and even more of us have seen and heard the iconic company’s many great models played by favorite musicians. The Chapter 11 filing enables a business entity to restructure its debt and create a workable plan for paying back debt while still staying in business.

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