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February 2019 Archives

Important tax refund and payment info

The IRS has taken many steps to modernize the way it processes tax returns and pays its refunds. It all happens much more quickly now than it once did. This is good news for those who are hoping that their refund arrives before their big spring vacation – having extra cash on hand would reduce the costs incurred or enable some nice upgrades. However, waiting for a check in the mail is seemingly exponentially harder than watching grass grow and certainly longer than waiting for a pot to boil.

Understanding a credit score

Those who are contemplating filing bankruptcy or have already done so are likely very concerned about their credit score. There may also be talk of it when addressing certain financial issues or trying to sign up for a new credit card. It is first important to remember that there is no one true credit score, so keep this in mind whenever someone determines your credit score, particularly if they are trying to sell you a credit monitoring service.

Small business tax tips for 2019

Small business owners are working towards the filing deadline, which is March 15 or April 17 for many of them. Ideally, they are poring over the books and seeing some positive numbers. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement in all areas. Now with a year under our belts with the new tax system, we offer a few tax tips for small businesses to adjust as they move forward into the second year of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

5 tips for preparing a property sale

We like to post helpful real estate tips lists every once in a while. Our last one focused more on low-impact home improvements, but this list involves the so-called “staging” of a home. As is always the case, the idea is to prepare a home and make it appealing enough that the buyer either wants to move in or sees it as a good investment.

How can I know if I am eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

When individuals are overrun by consuming debt, they may be unsure of what to do next. The bills are piling up, interest is accumulating and creditors are calling. Where can you turn for relief? Will you ever be able to have solid financial footing again? You may find the answers to these questions and more by filing for bankruptcy.

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