Tips for staging a home

by | Sep 7, 2019 | Real Estate

The concept of staging one’s home to sell it is now a fairly common one. While in days past this amounted to keeping a clean home, the idea now is to strategically place to furniture and decorations in a way that puts the property in the best light. This often involves overriding personal preferences and often includes paring down the clutter to make the space less claustrophobic. Some will even go so far as to rent furniture or buy new furniture that they plan to use in the new home to give the old place a fresher and more updated look.

Ways to make your place pop

Real estate agents have their own tricks, some will bake cookies to make the place smell homey, but some agreed-upon strategies include:

  • Think about why you are doing it: The idea is to get the best or highest price. One survey found that staged homes got 1% to 5% more than un-staged homes, which is a sizable chunk of cash if your home is worth mid-six figures. These homes also tend to move faster, which makes the process less stressful and intrusive.
  • Aim for bright and light: We mentioned getting rid of clutter, but it is also helpful to make lights work and are clean and dusted. Some will pick certain bulbs for a better yet more pleasing ambient effect. Make sure drapes are open and blinds are up.
  • Prioritize the spaces: Those with limited funds may want to focus on specific rooms. Experts say start with the living room, master bedroom and kitchen. Bottom of the list is extra bedrooms.
  • Curb appeal is essential: Sellers need to pay attention to the outside of the home if it is a house. Clean windows, walkways and driveways. Mow the grass, get the garden under control and add potted plants to the front. Throw away tacky outdoor furniture and replace it with new stuff of there is an outdoor seating area. The idea is to create a positive first impression and to make people want to get out of their car and walk in the front door.
  • Extra touches: Along with the cookies as mentioned above, fresh-cut flowers, bowls of fruit on the kitchen counter and folded towels in the bathroom all can make a positive impression.

Ready for the next stage?

Once an offer has been made, it is now time to shift from a sales mindset to one that is more organizational. It is crucial to make sure that all the legal papers are in order, check to make sure no other legal surprises are waiting for you at closing. An attorney with experience handling real estate transactions can be a real asset in helping with these matters.