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October 2019 Archives

Cryptocurrency users still taxed

Many embraced cryptocurrency because it had the potential to be a very lucrative investment. It also left few traces of financial activity. The Internal Revenue Service likes seeing records and accountability, so it is no surprise that it stepped in to levy taxes on cryptocurrency or virtual currency.

Number of farmer and rancher bankruptcies increase

Many predicted that the president’s trade war with China would impact U.S. farmers and ranchers. Now according to a new report, this is happening as the impasse continues. The number of farmers and ranchers filing bankruptcy since the spring of 2018 has jumped by 13% across the board to include farms of all sizes and types. All told, 13,000 farms disappeared in 2018 because owners could not make payments.

Settling the estate of a loved one is not always easy

When a loved one passes away, it is a time of sadness for the entire family. A person's death is always a difficult thing to process, and settling his or her estate can be even more complicated during this difficult time. Even when family members get along and want what is best, there can sometimes be disputes over property, assets and money. 

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