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November 2019 Archives

6 easy year-end tax tips

It is five weeks before taxpayers close the books on 2019. There is, of course, plenty of time to procrastinate before the April 15, 2020 filing deadline, but there are still steps to take in 2019 that can help lower the tax obligations or increase that return.

Apps can help those facing bankruptcy

Anyone who faces bankruptcy or has already filed understands how hard it is. It starts with some difficult decisions and then there is a follow-through that demands sacrifices (financial and otherwise) before a person rebuilds their credit rating. One modern breakthrough that makes the process more manageable is an assortment of excellent budget apps that users can download on their smartphones or computers.

6 tips for avoiding foreclosure

Many of us have been unable to pay a bill on time at one point or another. This happens, and hopefully, it is paid soon after that because unpaid bills can lead to real problems when they pile up. When homeowners get behind on their mortgage, foreclosure may occur.

The side effects of debt

Any person burdened by crippling debt faces many difficult challenges, but some look at it as an illness that never completely goes away. Like an illness, debt can come with many side effects that can even manifest themselves in physical pain and suffering as well as an endless variety of mental health issues

IRS warns of a new scam

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued a new warning to tax professionals and taxpayers. In a new twist on an old trick, the fraudster threatens to cancel or suspend the victim's Social Security Number (SSN) if they do not pay their overdue tax bill. Initial contact is made via robocalls, then the victim calls the scammer or stays on the line. This is also known as "phishing."

Your title search shows a problem. What happens next?

After searching high and low, you finally found a piece of property you like and that suits your needs. Once the due-diligence portion of the real estate transactions began, you did a title search to make sure that no one else had a legal right to the property, that there were no active liens on it, and that you will own the property free and clear.

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