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December 2019 Archives

Tax refunds are not free money

Most of us are excited at the prospect of getting a tax refund and will dream of how to spend that money. But while it is fun to contemplate a spring break trip or simply blowing it on fun stuff, it is essential to remember that the IRS is giving taxpayers back money because they overpaid.

Boundary disputes can be a real headache

It is said that a person’s home is their castle. Some further reinforce that assertion by putting up a fence that supposedly provides a demarcated boundary. But what happens if the fence is not an accurate representation of the property line? Sometimes inaccuracies are strategic – they put the fence wholly on their property, so they have control over the size, maintenance and style of the fence. Others may put their fence on your property or build a structure that is partially on your property because it suits their purposes or by accident. Good fences make good neighbors, but bad ones often lead to heated (and expensive) disputes that seem like a good old-fashioned border war.

Commercial real estate is a high-risk high-reward endeavor

Many have found commercial real estate to be an excellent investment. The benefits can include tenants with long-term contracts who lease units that are much larger or more expensive than a residential property. However, risk comes into play because not every business is a success, and there may be long gaps between tenants.

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