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January 2020 Archives

Small Business Reorganization Act arrives in February

The president signed the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) in August of 2019, but it officially takes effect in February of 2020. Congress designed this popular law to fill a previous gap by providing small businesses and owners with a way to restructure or reorganize in bankruptcy court. Chapter 11 was generally designed for multi-million-dollar companies with staff, and Chapter 13 restructuring could be used by sole proprietors because individuals qualified for Chapter 13. However, Chapter 11 was not always a viable alternative for small businesses that were partnerships, LLC, corporations, or another type of business structure.

Why home inspections are important

Home inspectors likely enter the buying process after the buyers have hired a real estate agent or picked the home, arranged financing as well as dozens of other details. It may even be an afterthought as the buyer tells family and friends about the exciting news that they are moving. However, it is a mistake to gloss over the inspection or work with an inspector who does not take the job seriously.

What is a wrongful foreclosure?

Banks and mortgage lenders are supposed to help customers buy homes. However, there are millions of homeowners here in Texas and elsewhere that feel more like victims than customers. This can happen when the lender wrongfully forecloses on the homeowner, particularly if there are instances of fraudulent lending or unethical business practices involving the servicing of the consumer loan.

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