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5 tips for preparing a property sale

We like to post helpful real estate tips lists every once in a while. Our last one focused more on low-impact home improvements, but this list involves the so-called “staging” of a home. As is always the case, the idea is to prepare a home and make it appealing enough that the buyer either wants to move in or sees it as a good investment.

Why a clean or clear title is so important

Real estate transactions involve the most valuable asset for many of us – our homes – but it can also be an investment property. Either way, part of that transaction process involves transferring the title from one party to another. It is crucial that property sellers and buyers ensure that these matters are in order.

Are Opportunity Zone deals worth the risk?

Different initiatives have been designed by the federal government to incentivize private investment in low-income communities. Today, it is Opportunity Zones that are located in a few areas here in Austin, but an estimated 57 percent across the country would qualify. These types of new markets programs have been around for a while but have gained new relevance in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs act of 2017.

What we can learn from Google’s approach to real estate

Amazon has made a lot of news in recent months about opening a new campus. It eventually picked both Arlington, Virginia as well as the Queens’ neighborhood of Long Island City in New York City, which will a large new campus for 25,000 employees. Google, on the other hand, started with a single employee in Manhattan and has grown to 7,000 in the Chelsea neighborhood.

FTC halts massive real estate scam

Real estate investments or vacation properties hold a certain appeal. Some investors like the fact that they actually own something tangible as opposed to playing the stock market. Others hear stories of major paydays for those who bought early and then cashed out.

Common questions asked by residential tenants

It is a fact that landlords are emboldened to raise the rent in tight markets, so tenants may feel like they are getting pushed out the door of their home. Some landlords may also eschew general maintenance to help the process. However, tenants do have rights here in Texas. If a landlord is breaking the law or not honoring the rental agreement, it is advisable to speak with a real estate law attorney. They can help protect the rights of renters.

New study on gentrification in Austin neighborhoods released

There are two sides to the gentrification issue. Many homeowners love it because they buy a property and the value goes up as new services come in, neighboring properties are better maintained and the neighborhood becomes safer. The flip side is that residents who may have roots in the neighborhood for generations can be displaced because of escalating rents or taxes. 

Lake residents sue DNR

White Bear Lake sits on the eastern side of the Twin Cities, which is the largest metro area in Minnesota. The lake has been a destination for boating, fishing, swimming and other water sports as well as providing a view for many lakeside homes and restaurants. However, water levels of the 2,400 acre, 80-foot-deep lake reduced over time to low point in 2013, at which time it surpassed the Dust Bowl drought levels. This was despite average or above average rainfall during the nine-year period from 2007 to 2016.

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