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Time to do a paycheck withholdings analysis

The recent tax season is behind us unless the taxpayer decided to file an extension. With a year under our belt with the new tax laws, it is now a perfect time to reevaluate the number of withholdings used and make any changes with employers as soon as possible. This will sidestep tax season surprises (good or bad), or it can ensure that the taxpayer gets a bigger refund next year.

Last-minute tax tips

Some of us get our taxes done early and cross it off our to-do list. However, there is a sizable number of procrastinators out there who wait until the 11th hour (sometimes literally) to file their taxes. With the major changes due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, waiting this year is even a bigger mistake than ever. Nevertheless, we have your back with some last-minute tips on how taxpayers can determine their obligations.

Careful when moving to Texas for the taxes

Austin and the state of Texas have a lot of assets that add up to a great quality of life for many. To start with: theres are the food and music, the weather, the tech industry, and of course the fact that we do not pay income taxes. Many would seem to agree with this assessment, and the moving trucks seem to arrive daily, helping grow what was once a college town with the capital to a thriving and economically metropolis.

Important tax refund and payment info

The IRS has taken many steps to modernize the way it processes tax returns and pays its refunds. It all happens much more quickly now than it once did. This is good news for those who are hoping that their refund arrives before their big spring vacation – having extra cash on hand would reduce the costs incurred or enable some nice upgrades. However, waiting for a check in the mail is seemingly exponentially harder than watching grass grow and certainly longer than waiting for a pot to boil.

Small business tax tips for 2019

Small business owners are working towards the filing deadline, which is March 15 or April 17 for many of them. Ideally, they are poring over the books and seeing some positive numbers. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement in all areas. Now with a year under our belts with the new tax system, we offer a few tax tips for small businesses to adjust as they move forward into the second year of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

New data confirms ongoing downward trend on audits

The 2019 tax season is now officially upon us. Plus, the federal government is at least temporarily reopened, although the IRS workers had been called back to work. The season will be noteworthy for the above issues as well as the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act that revamped the rules for determining one’s tax obligation. Nonetheless, one trend that continues is the fact that the IRS continues its downward trend of auditing fewer and fewer filers.

IRS workers called back to work

The government shutdown continues with many of the 880,000 federal workers still on furlough. Many news reports claim, however, that the IRS is preparing for the beginning of the tax filing season on January 28 by recalling 46,052 workers (or 57 percent of the 80,265 workers on staff) to work. Much to the consternation of many including the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), most of these workers will not be paid until the government reopens. The IRS has previously been operating with only 12.5 percent of its staff, which is less than 10,000 employees.

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