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Why home inspections are important

Home inspectors likely enter the buying process after the buyers have hired a real estate agent or picked the home, arranged financing as well as dozens of other details. It may even be an afterthought as the buyer tells family and friends about the exciting news that they are moving. However, it is a mistake to gloss over the inspection or work with an inspector who does not take the job seriously.

What is a wrongful foreclosure?

Banks and mortgage lenders are supposed to help customers buy homes. However, there are millions of homeowners here in Texas and elsewhere that feel more like victims than customers. This can happen when the lender wrongfully forecloses on the homeowner, particularly if there are instances of fraudulent lending or unethical business practices involving the servicing of the consumer loan.

Boundary disputes can be a real headache

It is said that a person’s home is their castle. Some further reinforce that assertion by putting up a fence that supposedly provides a demarcated boundary. But what happens if the fence is not an accurate representation of the property line? Sometimes inaccuracies are strategic – they put the fence wholly on their property, so they have control over the size, maintenance and style of the fence. Others may put their fence on your property or build a structure that is partially on your property because it suits their purposes or by accident. Good fences make good neighbors, but bad ones often lead to heated (and expensive) disputes that seem like a good old-fashioned border war.

Commercial real estate is a high-risk high-reward endeavor

Many have found commercial real estate to be an excellent investment. The benefits can include tenants with long-term contracts who lease units that are much larger or more expensive than a residential property. However, risk comes into play because not every business is a success, and there may be long gaps between tenants.

6 tips for avoiding foreclosure

Many of us have been unable to pay a bill on time at one point or another. This happens, and hopefully, it is paid soon after that because unpaid bills can lead to real problems when they pile up. When homeowners get behind on their mortgage, foreclosure may occur.

How eminent domain works in Texas

One quick way to get on the wrong side of a Texan is when someone tries to take their land. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances where the state or local municipality (or a company working for them) will justify taking ownership from an individual or business. This is done under eminent domain, which is a premise that it is in the best interests of the public for the government to do this.

What goes in a seller’s disclosure?

Those who sell real estate property usually include a seller’s disclosure. While there are exceptions, a seller disclosure provided by sellers to potential buyers outlines any defect or issue that could impact the buyer’s decision-making process. This applies to most resident owners of a home, but it can affect the terms of the offer, or if they wish to proceed.

Tips for staging a home

The concept of staging one’s home to sell it is now a fairly common one. While in days past this amounted to keeping a clean home, the idea now is to strategically place to furniture and decorations in a way that puts the property in the best light. This often involves overriding personal preferences and often includes paring down the clutter to make the space less claustrophobic. Some will even go so far as to rent furniture or buy new furniture that they plan to use in the new home to give the old place a fresher and more updated look.

Millennials have specific priorities in home buying

The mortgage rates hover at historic lows with the percentage dropping a full point in the last year. This is good news for potential buyers and sellers of residential real estate. However, even in the highly competitive real estate market of Austin, millennials have specific priorities, which may or may not jive with sellers.

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