Get Rid Of The Liens On Your Property

When you discover there are liens on your property, you need to take action. You cannot sell your property until you have paid off your liens, and they may impact other aspects of your life such as your credit score.

At The Law Offices of William T. Peckham, we work closely with homeowners around Austin to get rid of the liens on their property. Whenever a creditor is holding claim to your property as part of a lien, we work to settle that debt so you can assume full control over your property again.

We Won’t Stop Until You’re Lien-Free

There are many types of liens, but we can help you get rid of them all. You may have multiple types of liens on your home, including:

For many types of debt, you could settle for less than what you owe. An experienced real estate attorney can settle your lien disputes swiftly. But more than that: Our attorneys are experienced in various other areas of the law, making us particularly qualified to handle any type of property lien you may be facing.

Other Options to Bankruptcy Or Foreclosure

Too many liens and too much debt could force you to declare bankruptcy. Or worse — the bank may try to foreclose on your home. While our lawyers can represent you through either of these scenarios, our goal is to eliminate the need for them in the first place.

Some Of Your Liens May No Longer Be Valid

One way to remove a lien is by simply proving it is no longer valid. The lien could be old, and a less-experienced attorney could miss the opportunity to remove it from your title. We explore every possible avenue to provide you relief — and step one is removing any lien that you no longer need to worry about.

Have questions on the liens on your title, or want to get started with our attorneys? We offer reduced-rate initial consultations. Send us an email or call our office at 512-487-7604 to set up an appointment.