Skilled Counsel For Construction And Mechanic’s Liens

A construction or development project can end in disaster for anyone involved. Both the property owner and the contractor are investing substantial time and money into this project, and the stakes are high when a dispute arises.

At The Law Offices of William T. Peckham, our real estate lawyers have nearly 40 years of experience resolving construction and mechanic’s liens. We know the nuances of real estate law, and can ensure your rights are protected.

We Work With All The Parties Involved

Construction projects can be complicated. When something goes wrong, numerous people could be to blame. Disputes that result in mechanic’s liens can involve a variety of parties, and our attorneys have experience representing all of them, including:

  • Contractors who do construction work and are not paid due to the property owner changing their mind or not liking the work
  • Subcontractors who do construction work and are not paid by the general contractor
  • Property owners who have a mechanic’s lien on their home due to a contractor not paying a supplier or subcontractor

We can help contractors and subcontractors secure the payment they were promised for their hard work. Alternatively, we can walk property owners through the process of disputing a lien or getting it removed from their title.

Finding A Swift And Reasonable Resolution

We understand that you need results, and you may need them fast. As a contractor or subcontractor, you need to file the paperwork for your mechanic’s lien as soon as possible, or else you may miss out on the money you deserve for your work. As a property owner, having a mechanic’s lien on your property for too long can have lasting consequences.

Unsure of your rights or the first steps you need to take? We offer reduced-rate initial consultations to make it easy for you to get started. Send us an email or call our Austin office at 512-487-7604 to schedule your appointment.