Why You Need An Attorney When You Buy Or Sell Real Estate

Far too often, home buyers and sellers will complete their transaction with no input from a real estate attorney. At The Law Offices of William T. Peckham, many of our clients come to us in distress after these purchases or sales go wrong, since they did not take the proper steps to protect themselves.

A real estate transaction seems simple enough, but there are many facets of real estate law that you may not understand without an experienced lawyer by your side. These are three reasons why you need an attorney when you buy or sell real estate:

1. You Should Know Everything About Your Property Before You Make A Purchase.

While you looked at the property yourself and got the important details from the Realtor, you don’t know everything about your property. The title, especially, could hold several surprises that could cost you in the future. While it may seem that you are in the clear, you should really have an attorney thoroughly check everything about your purchase — so things run smoothly and there are no surprises in the future.

2. You Can Avoid Costly Disputes That May Arise In The Future.

While hiring a lawyer may sound expensive, having a real estate conflict is much more costly. Any number of issues could come up after your purchase or sale of property — boundary disputes, land use disputes, construction issues and more. Many of these can be avoided if you have an attorney by your side helping you protect your rights during the transaction. And as many of our clients can tell you: It always pays off to be proactive in real estate.

3. You Can Understand The Full Implications Of Your Purchase Or Sale.

Even once you make the purchase, there are several legal aspects of your property that a Realtor may not inform you about. Should you be part of a homeowners’ association, the way you use your property could be heavily restricted. When you buy real estate for your business, you may need to understand how zoning regulations will affect your operations. All of these are essential to understand as you go about your transaction.

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