Tax Law

State and federal tax laws are confusing for almost everyone. It is easy to make a mistake. That mistake, however, could trigger serious consequences from the Internal Revenue Service or other tax collecting agencies. If you are facing a tax claim from the federal, state or local government, The Law Offices of William T. Peckham can help you with:

  • Wage and/or bank account garnishment
  • Liens placed against your property
  • The forced sale of your home
  • Settling your debt for less than 100 percent
  • Payroll tax liability
  • Installment agreements
  • Releases of liens

We have decades of experience defending businesses, families and individuals against tax claims. While we do not prepare and file tax returns, we can defend you when a claim is filed against you. It is important that you keep good records and copies of forms sent by the government. If you keep good records, it is more likely that we can successfully resolve your claim.

Helping Texas Business Owners Resolve Tax Claims

If you are a business owner, you have to report sales taxes and payroll taxes. If you are facing a claim for unpaid taxes, we can defend you in and out of court. We have a deep knowledge of tax laws that will benefit you when we are arguing in court or negotiating a settlement that protects your rights and interests.

The Federal Government Is A Tough Opponent. Call The Law Offices Of William T. Peckham.

Contact The Law Offices of William T. Peckham if you need representation in a tax dispute with the government. We are experienced trial lawyers who will protect your best interests. Call 512-487-7604 to schedule an appointment with an experienced tax law attorney in Austin.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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