Why home inspections are important

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Real Estate

Home inspectors likely enter the buying process after the buyers have hired a real estate agent or picked the home, arranged financing as well as dozens of other details. It may even be an afterthought as the buyer tells family and friends about the exciting news that they are moving. However, it is a mistake to gloss over the inspection or work with an inspector who does not take the job seriously.

Texas requires a licensed home inspector to evaluate the property before the transaction, and these professionals have a broad understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the structure, the infrastructure and even the appliances. They walk through the home, but they also dig around to discover the actual condition of the property before the buyer makes one of the most significant financial commitments of their lives.

List of benefits

They can protect buyers against bad investments and broken hearts by:

  • Provides a detailed report: This is an expert breakdown of the property’s condition laid out in writing and with pictures.
  • Impartial opinion of the structural components: We want a home to look nice, but this can avoid inconvenience, financial setback or even a lawsuit due to structural issues.
  • Unbiased findings: These professionals may understand real estate, but they have no emotional ties to the property they inspect. Buyers may not worry about a weird smell, spots of water damage or bad do-it-yourself “improvements,” but inspectors should note these details.
  • Exterior review: Most buyers do not get on ladders to inspect the roof, gutters, siding, windows, paint job, or even do more than peek in the garage, but these can all cost a lot of money at a later date to repair or replace.
  • Suitable for new construction: Buyers may assume that everything is perfect with a new property, but new homes often have a few kinks to work out because of faulty materials or shortcuts in construction.

The buyer gets what they pay for

The inspection not only confirms what the buyer purchases, but it can also provide a wealth of information about the state of the property. This can lead to further negotiations on the price of the property or repairs to be done before negotiating or renegotiating a price. The bottom line is that the buyer can then take comfort in the fact that they get what they paid for.