Protecting Your Interests In Land Use Disputes

Even once you buy a property, you may be restricted by how you are able to use it. Things such as mowing the lawn and allowing somebody to stay in your spare bedroom for a week could violate Homeowner Association (HOA) rules, which could land you in some trouble. You could also be facing easements, boundary line disputes or co-owner use disputes.

At The Law Offices of William T. Peckham, we walk you through the entirety of your purchase agreement so you understand what you are and are not able to do on your property. And when there is a land use dispute, we vigorously advocate for your right to do what you want with your property.

Use Your Property How You Want To Use It

Something as simple as posting your home on Airbnb can go against one of the rules set up by your HOA. You could face fines, liens and other punishments as a result, which could set you up for further trouble down the road.

When you are punished for violating an HOA rule, no matter how ludicrous that rule may seem, you need serious representation to defend your rights. Our attorneys take land conflicts seriously, and offer the powerful representation you need.

We Offer Reduced-Rate Initial Consultations

You can’t afford to just accept the penalties forced upon you in a land dispute. You need an Austin real estate lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. We want you to be able to use your property how you would like to, and will not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Send us an email or call our office at 512-487-7604 to schedule your first consultation, which we offer at a reduced rate to help you get started.